Five Shots and a Funeral

by Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe

The Short Fiction of Dashiell Loveless

illustrations by Paul Pope

Follow cigar-smoking, bourbon-drinking detective Ben Drake as he returns for the first time in this collection of five murder-packed mystery capers, including "The Silent Ventriloquest," "Death Plays a Foul Game," "A Cold-Blooded Kidnapping," "Midnight Train to Nowhere," and the highly anticipated case of "Raspberry Jack."

My gun held five shots. I only had one left. I'd often remarked that if I didn't hit may target with five shots, the sixth wouldn't do me any good. Until now I'd always meant that as a joke.

Who is Dashiell Loveless

Dashiell Loveless is an author. Dashiell Loveless is not a pseudonym, at least in the truest sense of the word. He exists solely in fiction time, crafted as the centerpiece of a forthcoming UglyTown novel. He is the true creator and innovator of the pulp artifact--a novel out of place in time--such as Five Shots and a Funeral and its predecessor By The Balls. These pulp artifacts, like Loveless himself, exist within a larger narrative. Dashiell Loveless is a construct of paper and ideas who in turn constructs ideas on paper. Dashiell Loveless is a man. Dashiell Loveless remains a mystery.

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Format: Paperback
278 Pages
First Published: 1999

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