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Black Lightning

by Robert Sidney Bowen

Dusty Ayres is America's Speed Ace. In his custom built Silver Flash airplane, he sets world speed records. Now, America is about to be attacked by the Black Invaders who have just conqured Europe and Asia.

Dusty Ayres is called into a critical mission which will dictate the fate of America. Along the way, he will meet Agent 10, America's top Intelligence Agent who has infiltrated the ranks of the enemy.

This story is the first in a series of twelve stories that cover the incredible adventures of Dusty Ayres, Agent 10, and America's forces against the likes of the Black Invaders, Fire-Eyes, and the Black Hawk.

For those who have enjoy G-8 and his Battle Aces or Operator 5 you will also enjoy Dusty Ayres!

The Yank pilot eased open the heavy door and slipped into the hangar. The click of the door closing behind him gave him a queer sensation. It was as though he had stepped out of one world and into another, leaving behind a brave and loyal countryman.

For a fleeting instant Dusty became possessed with a wild desire to go back in and insist that Agent 10 come with him. The two of them could make it in a pursuit ship in a pinch. If not, then take one of the observation ships. Agent 10 might be going to his doom. He wouldn't stand a chance with the Blacks any more.

The pilot half turned, started to reach for the door knob, then checked the movement, and let his hand drop to his side, as he recalled Agent 10's words, ""No matter what happens, Ayres, my job is with the Black Invaders; yours with the Yanks. But, we're both working toward the same goal!""

Yes, the man was right. Their jobs were totally different, yet the goal was the same. Perhaps they would never reach it, but--There was a job to be done first.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
60 Pages
First Published: 1934

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