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The Three Stooges started when two brothers, Moe and Shemp Howard, formerly with a comedy group known as "Ted Healy & His Stooges," got together with a long time Vaudeville associate, Larry Fine, to form their own comedy group. In 1932 Shemp left to pursue a film career with Columbia and was replaced by his younger brother Jerry Howard (popularly known as Curly). The group became very successful touring the country and eventually landed a film contract with Columbia Pictures in 1934.

Their producer, Jules White described Curly as "the life of the party." In 1945, Curly had stroke but continued to work with the group until 1946, when declining health forced him to retire. Shemp, who was starring in short films for Columbia, was now forced to return to the group. Curly died in 1952. Shemp remained with the group until 1958. Finally, Joe DeRita joined the group in 1958 and remained a "Stooge" until they broke up in 1969. Moe and Larry passed away within a few months of each other in 1975.

Their slapstick humor and comic wit lives on in their films.

Four Episodes of Outrageous Hilarity

1936, Moe, Larry & Curly
Chaos, mayhem and hilarity abound as The Three Stooges are the star witnesses at a murder trial.

1947, Moe, Larry & Shemp
When the word gets out that Shemp stands to inherit his late uncle's fortune, (provided he's married), he winds up having women problems... too many women problems!

1947, Moe, Larry & Shemp
While working as waiters in a middle eastern cafe, The Three Stooges overhear a plot to steal King Rootin Tootin's treasure. When the plotters are beaten to the punch by their adversaries, The Three Stooges decide to go after the bad guys and return the reward money.

1949, Moe, Larry & Shemp
The Three Stooges are proprietors of the "Pip Boys Tailor Shop" but they owe $300 to a collection agency and may lose their equipment. Moe has a brainstorm...if they can capture Terry Hargan, the famous bank robber and his gang, the reward money will pay off their debt.

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Format: DVD
First Published: 1936

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