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by Dick Tracy

The Mole, a sinister master criminal, needs an experienced printer for his counterfeiting racket, so he springs "Wheels" from prison. The brazen crime puts Detective Dick Tracy hot on his trail. Desperate to stop the troublesome cop, The Mole drugs the sleuth and imprisons him in his secret lair. Surrounded by a gang of scoundrels and murderers, Tracy battles to escape certain death, and bring the criminals to justice.

Ralph Byrd, the actor who portrayed Dick Tracy in several serials in the late 1930s (Dick Tracy, Dick Tracy Returns, Dick Tracy Vs. Crime Inc.) and once again played the detective hero in several B-features in the late 1940s (Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Dick Tracy vs. Cueball and others), introduced the comic strip character to television in 1950-1951. Many of the comic strip's most notorious villains and characters made appearances in the TV series, including Flattop, the Brain, B.B. Eyes, B.O. Plenty and Pruneface.

Black & White, 102 Minutes, 1 DVD Disc

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Format: DVD
First Published: 1950

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