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G-8 # 2: The Purple Aces

by Robert J. Hogan

The year is 1933 and the era of the great pulp heroes is just beginning. Flying out of the fertile minds of Popular Publications comes G-8 and His Battle Aces. A World War I flying spy who takes on the most fantastic of German foes that ever flew a fokker.

Written by former WWI aviator, Robert J. Hogan, G-8 flew the newstands for 110 issues until the horror of World War II in 1943.

"Purple aces -- purple faces ! Coming to kill at dawn!" A dying yank gasped these words. As he did so he pointed to his own forehead where, emblazoned on the skin was a small purple ace of spades! What was this dread emblem? Who were the suicide pilots that fought like fiends under the Order of the Purple Ace? The Allies wait in terror while G-8 and his sky pals take up a fighting trail against this mystery staffel of death!

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Format: Magazine
112 Pages
First Published: 1933

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