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Sky Serpent Flies Again

by Robert J. Hogan

A hideously, horrifying wail, the curse of Doctor Chu Lung, is annihilating troops en masse. Only G-8 and his Battle Aces can deflect this fiendish plot and lead the salvation of millions! Will the Master Spy, at the crossroads of his career, defy this terrorist again? Fight now shoulder to shoulder with the Master as he combats this Yellow scourge against seemingly impossible odds.

Hogan pits G-8 and his men against almost impenetrable odds in this chilling challenge. Defying torturous electrocutions and gasses, G-8 must rely more than ever on the wits and skill of Nippy Weston, Bull Martin and the loyal manservant, Battle. Can our heroes withstand what lies ahead?

TO THE Master Spy, trapped there in the steel room, it seemed that the end had come. He was sure that Nippy and Bull and the men of the 23rd were dying a horrible death from the vibration set up by the wailing banshee. His brain was wracked with the thought.

He had slumped down there before the steel wall, his bruised and lacerated fingers pinned beneath the sheet of steel, and the sound of the banshee wail still filled his ears.

G-8 could detect the faint, peculiar odor of the gas Chu Lung had told him about. It reminded him a little of boiling cabbage, and yet there was another slight tinge to it that made him think of sulphur. The fumes began to bite into his nostrils.

Suddenly, as he sat there like a trapped rat in a cage, a thought of possible escape came to him.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
49 Pages
First Published: 1939

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