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Wings of Satan

by Robert J. Hogan

G-8 will have to go to Hell and back to smother the flames of Herr Doktor Kreuger's latest terror.

Entire squadrons are being blazed down by devil-faced pilots; iron fists snatching Spads from mid-air! If only G-8 could get to the nerve center of this Boche madness, perhaps the Huns could be held at bay. Will the Master Spy be forced to surrender to this purgatory?

Hogan gives up an underworldly saga of a literal hell-on-earth, or rather, in the skies! This time the forces of evil are more powerful than G-8 and his Battle Aces could have anticipated; will loyalties be severed by Satan's mesmerizing deeds? Can this dynamic team see their way back into the light of day? Nothing is as it seems, nor as expected.

Bull's eyes shifted to Nippy and they held an ugly gleam in them.

"And you, squirt," he rasped. "I've stood for your kidding as long as I'm going to. Now I've got you here, and if you make one more crack about my being a big ox, I'll plug you so full of holes that you'll look like a window.

"I've just found out that I've been working on the wrong side of this war. This Herr Doktor Kreuger is a clever guy--smarter than you two birds put together. And he's in the right. The Germans are swell guys. They've got it all over the Americans or British or the frogs. And from now on I'm working with them. Come on, get into the front seat of that car. Nippy, I told you to drive and that still goes. If either of you makes a false move, I'll be just delighted to plug you. I've got orders from Herr Doktor Kreuger to bring you to him and you know what that means. Your old pal, Bull Martin, is going to be in on the shooting, too. I'd like to finish you off right here--except that I have orders to bring you in alive, if possible."

The big fellow jerked his gun. "Come on," he repeated. "Get going."

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Format: Electronic PDF File
59 Pages
First Published: 1936

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