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Fangs of the Winged Cobra

by Robert J. Hogan

G-8 takes us on a fast paced adventure which has not seen the light of reprint since the original 1941 publication date. G-8 must find out why they can find no sign of the enemy and what they must be up to.

Allied Aces, silenced by the eye of doom, wing blindly into enemy skies-- to search for their own death.... What is this new horror that menaces the very life blood of civilizations... Only the Master Spy knows--but can he race through danger-studded holocausts of terror in time to pluck the Fangs Of The Winged Cobra?

Gurst turned out the light and, with the Leutnant, strode down the corridor and out into the night. But G-8 had seen several things while the light was on that raised a number of questions in his mind. However, he had seen nothing that gave any hint as to the reason for the pilots' absence.

The cell in which G-8 was a prisoner was quite the largest prison cell that he had ever been in. It was at least thirty feet square and had over an eight-foot ceiling.

There were two windows along the back side. G-8 strode over and looked out of both of them.

He could see nothing but the blackness of night.

During the short time that the light had been on, G-8 had noticed that the walls of the cell appeared strange. He felt of them now in the darkness and realized, as he had first suspected, that he was in a padded cell. He stood up on the cot and, touching the ceiling, found that was padded also.

The padding was covered with a heavy, tarpaulin-like material. He tried to dig it with his fingernails, but he could make no impression in it.

"It looks," the Master Spy said to himself, "as though they're expecting to put a gang of lunatics in here."

But the bars were the most puzzling part of all. The whole front side of the cell was composed of vertical bars fastened together at intervals with stout cross pieces. If they had expected to put maniacs and lunatics in here, men who might do themselves harm by batting their heads against solid surfaces, why had they left those iron bars across the front?

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Format: Electronic PDF File
55 Pages
First Published: 1941

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