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The Bat Staffel

by Robert J. Hogan

Robert J. Hogan brings us a tale of epic air combat featuring the Master American Spy, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Nippy Weston and Bull Martin. The three take to the skies--pitting their Spads against the German Fokkers, on missions of incredible daring.

In the skies of France, G-8 and his men are pitted against a mad German scientist, Doktor Krueger, keen on destruction. In this first novel, giant bat-like creatures are spreading death and destruction in a bizarre plot to turn the Allied cause to defeat. But the Battle Aces' Spads are on the tail of this diabolical scheme. And the Master of daring, deception and disguise, G-8, can bring them down in the final dogfight.

Hogan has a flair for adventure, laced with intrigue and humor. G-8, Nippy, Bull and Battle, their servant, are a riotous team of cleverness, bravery and camaraderie.

Instantly, rudders and sticks moved. The three Spads banked and screamed for altitude. And as before when the three-Spad flight had been returning from Germany that very morning, G-8 held the lead, at point, and Bull and Nippy took their positions at left and right tips.

There could be no mistaking the beast of the air now. A giant bat was soaring there before them. The wings might be sixty feet in span. Great, wide wings they were, with legs coming form the middle section in the rear.

G-8 stared, then hurled closer, scrutinizing the monster through narrowed eyes.

Nippy Weston said: "Jumpin' Juniper, if I could produce an illusion like that I'd have the world by the tail."

Bull Martin shuddered at first, then let go an angry growl of rage and pressed his Vickers triggers.

Flame spat from his guns. G-8 warmed his Vickers as he tore in. Nippy Weston let go with a short burst.

The giant bat appeared to turn its head slightly and look at them. The ears were laid back. Great sockets seemed to be where the eyes should be.

But except for the slight movement of that grotesque head, the creature moved on with that hideous flapping sound.

The three pounced upon it at the same time from three different angles. Vickers rattled and bucked. White tracers slithered out like phantom ribbons in the moonlight. They ended in the wings and short, thick body of the giant bat.

Again and again those three Spads leaped and dove and fired and veered past, because their own speed was much faster than the speed of the bat.

But it was as though the monster of the air was feelingless, immortal. Never once did it change its course straight across France.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
70 Pages
First Published: 1933

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