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The Purple Aces

by Robert J. Hogan

In Hogan's second G-8 novel, the Battle Aces must flush out another devilish plot--captured American airmen, with purple-tinted faces, are leading a savage suicide mission against their own men. Is this the latest diabolical scheme of the madman, Herr Doktor Krueger?

Hogan colors this latest mystery with G-8's usual flair for disguise and daring. With Nippy and Bull flying alongside--from the skies of wartime France to a centuries-old dungeon of torture--Spads and Fokkers take to the skies until the hypnotic cloud of darkness, and the secret of the Purple Aces, is blown to pieces.

There, coming toward that commanding cloud that seemed to make men brave with its presence and youngsters frightened with the lack of it, were ten more Fokkers. Ten Fokkers as at first. Coming to meet the cloud and that lone remaining Fokker.

G-8 lifted his glasses to his eyes from their case and stared. Purple faces again. Ten more purple faces. He groaned. . . . . .


From behind came the rattle of Spandau guns. G-8 whirled, kicked out and snarled in again. Two Fokkers had dropped their loads and were plunging into the fight so that those Fokkers that hadn't yet unloaded could do so unmolested.

So that was the trick? Drop the bombs at all costs and then, if the pilot still lived, go into the dogfight so that the others might do their stuff. Brave work. Work for machine men, not human beings. And still these men looked real. Looked human except for the weird purple skin about their faces.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
50 Pages
First Published: 1933

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