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The Vampire Staffel

by Robert J. Hogan

"Plague!" Across all of Allied France the dread word flew. "Plague spread by enemy planes".... Men died by the thousands--death stalked the world--but three yanks dared face its phantom wings, dared follow its blood-choked sky trail straight to the terror den of the Vampire Ace!

THERE was a puzzled expression on the tanned, wind-whipped face of the master spy ace. G-8's eyes were narrowed as he stared through his powerful glasses on the sight below.

"That's funny," he ventured. "Mighty funny. They seem to want us to see what they're doing, just as that observer said."

Turning in a great circle, he swung lazily back. From his position at ten thousand feet the German lines were just a twisting, worm-like gash; it was the eastern end of the great Front, where the Swiss border with its rugged, impenetrable Alps put a stop to the trenches.

Behind G-8, completing the perfect, tightly-knit Vee formation, flew his Battle Aces. Nippy Weston, the terrier Yank magician ace in his Spad number 13. And Big Bull Martin, All-American Halfback in the States and fighting hellion ace in France, in his Spad number 7.

While G-8 inspected the curious sight two miles down, the Battle Aces kept watch of the sky lanes for a trap-for enemy ships-for anything that might at least partly explain the strange circumstances.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
67 Pages
First Published: 1934

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