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The Headless Staffel

by Robert J. Hogan

You don't need to believe me, sir, but his arm came off at the shoulder when I pulled hard on it. Then I saw that his 'ead was gone entirely. That's the truth, sir, so 'elp me. You see, sir, I came up and I saw his arm 'anging over the side of the cockpit and I thought perhaps he might be alive, so I took 'old of him, like this, sir, and--"

Up to now, the cockney Englishman's hands had been behind him. He brought them in front of him now to show G-8 how he had taken hold of the dead pilot. Suddenly, he stopped short and stared at them. A wild scream of terror leaped from his lips.

"My hands," he cried, "I haven't got any hands! They're gone!"

G-8 and his battle aces, Nippy Weston and Bull Martin, join with the Germans to find and destroy this flesh-eating killer that is terrorizing the skies. Falcons carrying vials of a powerful acid, which destroys upon contact ... headless aliens threatening to wipe out the Allied forces.

Can these great Aces defy this certain disintegration of their very strength, and wipe out the Wizard's potent scheme?

In a spine-tingling adventure across enemy lines, Hogan leads us on a great mystery, and perhaps the most daring jobs G-8 and his aces had every tried to carry out!

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Format: Electronic PDF File
69 Pages
First Published: 1935

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