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Fangs of the Sky Leopard

by Robert J. Hogan

G-8 the Master Spy and his battle aces are back!

Fear! Not only of Death, but of the night and its secret shadows, lay over the Western Front. "The greatest fighters among you will die first!" the message read, and the message was not a lie. It came swiftly and frighteningly, written for all to see in the blood of the brave. The Leopard Men, rampant, anxious to kill-determined to murder the Master Spy!

What strange strength had been given to these beasts that was denied to other men? What forces have made courage useless and the honor of men a travesty? Fly if you will through the Skies of War on the darkened Wings of Fear!

Originally published in March, 1937. This text based on the 1971 Berkley Medialian unabridged paperback edition. No interior illustrations were available. This is the PDF File format.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
47 Pages
First Published: 1937

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