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The Hand of Steel

by Robert J. Hogan

Out of the fires of war, fed by the blood and hatred of destruction, comes the Cripple of Hartsburg! What is the curse he has placed on the head of the Allies? What mad vengeance is sought by his distorted brain? Only G-8 can learn the answer and to find it he must search the hungry jaws of death!

IT WAS almost mid-morning. G-8, the master flying spy, and his Battle Aces had been out on routine patrol since dawn. Certain reports of enemy activity had drawn the Master Spy up to the Front to investigate for himself.

At the point of the tight V formation, G-8 flew his famous Spad. At the one side of his tail was Spad number seven, flown by big, iron-jawed Bull Martin, former all-American halfback who loomed out of the cockpit and glared down at the activity on the German side of the lines.

On the other side of the Master Spy, Nippy Weston, the little terrier ace, flew close. His Spad was number thirteen, for Nippy defied superstition and laughed in the face of death. The terrier ace was grinning now as he watched things below and followed his chief.

The three flew together so expertly that those who saw them from the ground were often apt to remark that they must be tied together.

G-8's steel-gray eyes had finished their scrutiny. At intervals, those eyes had shifted quickly up into the sky about him, then down to the ground to spot the details of the enemy movements that they saw. Now the Master Spy nodded with satisfaction and signaled for a turn. The three swung around as one ship and headed back for Le Bourget field, the base of the Master Spy and his Battle Aces.

All three Spads were battle-scarred. Many round fabric patches told of the combats they had been in; told of enemy bullets that had probed for them and missed, often by the fraction of an inch.

There was little concern on the Master Spy's face as he brought his plane down to land on the great airdrome. But then, concern seldom was apparent on those features. He had made himself, through practice, a master of self-control.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
54 Pages
First Published: 1937

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