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Attic > Two Gun Gerta

by Carroll John Daly

Carroll John Daly brings his tough guy, hard boiled attitude to the Old West by teaming up with famed writer C.C. Waddell in Two Gun Gerta.

When movie stuntman Red Conners heads south of the border for real life adventure, he meets up with Two-Gun Gerta who runs her own cattle ranch and is always running up against her ruthless competition.

After Red agrees to work for Two-Gun Gerta, he begins to realize that she may have some dark secrets of her own that Red would rather not know about.

THERE isn't much to say about Yavisa except that it is hot and dirty. But then all the towns in Mexico are hot and dirty; so I'll put it that Yavisa is a shade hotter and dirtier than anything else along the border.

Still there I was in Yavisa's heat and dirt, and prepared to like it; there, not because I was a bootlegger or a deserter, or down on my luck, or because of any of the usual reasons that take a man into Mexico, but just because I was a kid with a kid's fool itch to go poking his nose into places where he's got no business--seeing the world, they call it.

I had nothing on my hands but time, and enough jack in my jeans to see me through. I wasn't exactly looking for work, although of course if a job came along that paid good money I wasn't going to toss it over my shoulder. There'd be plenty of chances, I figured, if I cared to take 'em up; it ain't so easy to get a fellow from the States down there any more, since the bumping-off of any gringo that happens to be out alone has become a sort of national pastime, with major and minor leagues and a box score posted up every evening.

The pay was bound to be big. Any American is the kitten's patent leathers in Mexico; and for an all-around, high-class guy like myself--well, they'd have to bid some if they wanted my services. As for any incidental gun play, I can twirl a fairly mean gat myself; and in case things did get too hot for me, I could always beat it to God's country.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
92 Pages
First Published: 1926

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