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Replica: Operator 5: Invasion of the Yellow Warlords: June 1935

by Curtis Steele

A Great Page for Page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

Out of the East, eight centuries ago, the first Mongrol horde rode forth under the might Genghis Khan, and became the first "yellow threat" to the West. Now a new one has reared, to which that ancient invasion stands as a mere escapade.

High explosives! Deadly bacteria! Poison gases! Flaming thermite! The greatest cities in the West lying in smoking ruins; invaders getting the very heart of our nation!

How can Operator 5, betrayed, condemned, hunted by his own countrymen, fight both them and the enemy? How can he save, from a subjection more more horrible than death, the beloved land of his birth?

Price: $34.95

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1935

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