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Replica: Operator 5: Raiders of the Red Death: Dec. 1935

by Curtis Steele

A Great Page for Page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

The first reports were incredible. Montezuma the Third, Emperor of the new-born Aztec Empire, was slaughtering American troops with a deadly, new weapon... sacrificing captives to his ancient gods.... America seemed condemned to degrading slavery. Operator 5, Ace of the Secret Service, fought against overwhelming odds. And while the gods of a long-dead civilization revel in carnage, the very existence of America is apparently doomed . . .!

Plus a swift moving Captain John Vedders short story "Dust of Doom" by Frank Gruber.

Also available in electronic format.

Price: $35.00

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1935

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