Replica: Operator 5: Crime's Reign of Terror: April 1936

by Curtis Steele

A Great Page for Page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

The Scarlet Baron, a shrewd, criminal demagogue, had inflamed the American people to white-hot madness by his false promises of wealth for all! Great hosts of misguided men stormed the country bent on plunder, rapine and murder. Countless innocent persons were slaughtered, burned, crucified. No human was safe from one moment to the next. The greatest nation in the world had gone mad!

Only a pitiful handful of men were left to preserve the American ideals of liberty and justice. Headed by Jimmy Christopher, Ace of American Intelligence, they did their valiant best. When Diane Elliot and Tim Donovan apparently sacrificed in vain -- with his own life a forfeited pawn -- Operator 5 faces the gravest crisis of his career and his most dangerous enemy!

Plus the short stories "Hi-Jackers From Hell" by Emile C. Tepperman and "Death Lands a Cargo" by Evan Leigh.

Price: $35.00

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1936

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