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Attic > Replica: The Spider: September 1939: The Corpse Broker

by Grant Stockbridge

Another great page for page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

The Spider Magazine, September, 1939

Ten percent on murder was the commission charged the Underworld by the strangest crime czar who had ever laid siege to Manhattan. In return, he guaranteed the immunity from arrest of all criminals -- and when the police dared oppose him, they died! for this eerie, invisible tyrant had mastered the secret of Sudden Death. Those who challenged his rule were stricken by dreadful spasms and died agonizingly while their bodies turned green! overnight, New York had become the world's Crime Capitol.

It was then that Richard Wentworth, the Spider, took up the trail of a master criminal, more dangerous than any encountered in his whole experience -- to bait the Spider's web for a foe who had raised crime to a great, evil art, and sacked a city for a killer's cut of ten percent in blood!

Plus, a gripping short story: "In This Corner -- Kid Death" by Arthur Leo Zagat. Morris Street had bet its last pennies on the prizefight, out of loyalty to the Bruiser. But none of them knew that Death was the real champ in the ring that night- and old Doc Turner the only man left to answer the final bell!

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Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1939

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