Replica: Terror Tales Sept - Oct 1937

by Terror Tales

Another page for page replica featuring the Sept-Oct 1937 issue of the Weird Menace classic Terror Tales.

"Hostess for the Dying" by Nat Schachner. It was a horrible riddle to which Lane Parsons sought the answer, while girls of beauty and wealth brought immunity from a a fearful plague -- only to fall victim to an epidemic of dreadful lust, far worse than the disease they feared...

Pulse jolting novelettes of mystery and menace:

"A Corpse Wields the Lash" by Russell Gray. The terror that old Tobias Weatherby's lovely daughters learned from his cruel whip was magnified a thousand-fold when, after his death, his gnarled and bloody hands continued to lash them with ghastly, remorseless torture.

"The House that Horror Built" by Harrison Storm. Are you a girl -- and are ou beautiful? Then as you love life and sanity avoid Thoran -- for you will worship him with your heart and your body -- and your blood will flow in his veins!

"My Pupil -- The Idiot!" by Hugh B. Cave. Ellen Browning was hired to teach a passion-crazed idiot, whose parents sought to satisfy every fiendish whim. And this time Leo's whim was -- the white, virginal body of Ellen Browning!

Spine Tingling Short Terror Tales:

"Death's Dancing Master" by Julius Long. While the orchestra played my beloved Carla danced... but when it stopped, her loveliness became something that was unearthly and vile -- and murderous!

"Hell's Burlesque" by Wayne Rogers. I could laugh when the diabolical Morelli forteold that one day I would expose my bride's young body to a gloating crowd... but I laugh no more...

"Portrait of Dread Desire" by Ray Cummings. This is the story of the strange, compelling passion Paul Montrose knew in life-- and, perhaps, in death.

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1937

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