Replica: Terror Tales Nov - Dec 1937

by Terror Tales

Another page for page replica featuring the Nov - Dec 1937 issue of the Weird Menace classic Terror Tales.

Five Fascinating Mystery-Terror Novelettes:

"Dance to Satan's Drums!" by Francis James. Three of the four young couples who danced to the haunting throb of Satan's drums in eerie Patrick's Valley died in nameless horror-- thankfully! But Steve and Margery lived to serve the will of an unhallowed god and his disciples-- in grim despair and never-ending shame...

"Canyon of Missing Brides" by Arthur J. Burks. Locke Brette found that the girls who answered that weird, compelling night-call had become bleeding, babbling idiots. That's why Locke reveled in a murder-frenzy that he himself could not control, when he saw the girl he loved face such a fate!

"Darlings of the Black Master" by Russell Gray. Did some strange influence not of this earth lead my wife, powerless, to the den of that sadistic monster, to be cruelly dismembered alive or did a secret lust that slumbered in her soul direct her erring steps!

"The Plague from Underground" by Grantland Frost. in the long-forgotten miles of eerie thoroughfare beneath Manhattan, an ancient scourge-- the Black Death-- was born again.. Then, nurtured by festering hate and greed, it was cast loose upon the helpless city-- to murder, ravage, and lay waste!

"Tenement of the Damned" by John H. Knox. What inexplicable, inhuman power could change normal human beings into ghastly things that crawled like nauseous snakes? Why should my beloved fiancee clasp one of these foul monsters to her breast and slink into the night?

Shock-Packed Short Terror Tales:

"The Child and the Corpse" by Henry Treat Sperry. My son came running to me to proudly display a severed, human finger-- not his own..

"The Boy Who Lived With Murder" By Raymond Whetstone. Stark, grisly murder dwelt with little David-- but he had sworn an oath of secrecy to crazy Charlie!

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1937

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