Replica: Operator 5: Liberty's Suicide Legions: Jan 1937

by Curtis Steele

Issue 5 of The Purple Invasion -- A Great Page for Page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables.

Thrilling Feature-Length Novel of America's Undercover Ace in which the ragged remnants of America's Defense forces, make what seems their last, hopeless stand against the Purple Emperor's victorious armies!

Purple armies from the prairies and a great Purple navy looming over the western horizon made ready to clamp the fetters of slavery on America's last defenders. But a grim line of fighting men waited in the Emperor Rudolph's path with a soldierly serenity that said, "here we die." And every life laid on this alter of freedom gave Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 of the Intelligence, new respite as he followed a trial of desperate adventure studded with disgrace and death.

Plus, gripping Short Stories of undercover Warfare:

"Death's Toy Shop" by Arthur Leo Zagat
At seven o'clock would come the prearranged signal that was to spell death for America. Could Red Finger, with only ten minutes left, halt the grim attack of the secret waiting army?

"Salesman of Doom" by Frank Gruber
An exotically beautiful woman, an American colonel in trouble, and aging general with a riding crop were Jeffrey King's only leads to a sputtering fuse of intrigue which would explode the world...

Price: $34.95

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1937

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