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Replica: Terror Tales Jan - Feb 1938

by Terror Tales

Another page for page replica featuring the Jan - Feb 1938 issue of the Weird Menace classic Terror Tales.

Two Long Mystery Terror Novels

Last Boat From Terror Island by Frederick C. Davis
Could young Randy Barrows, single-handed, save Joan Croft from the monsters which were neither human nor yet God's creatures of the deep? Already, the greedy tentacles of the nameless sea-beast were crushing Joan's nude body, and Randy's lungs were bursting -- on the bottom of the sea!

Governess For the Mad by Nat Schachner
Rather than starve, pretty Jessica Smith took a job as teacher of mental patients. How could she know that she would be a schoolmistress to a host of lust crazed idiots -- or that she would lose her heart to a slavering madman!

Three Pule-Throbbing Eerie Terror Novelettes

The Devil is Our Landlord by Russell Gray
"The hands! Oh, God, stop the hands!" Those were the words each young girl screamed as, completely nude and hopeless insane, she returned to that modern apartment house from which, days before, she had vanished -- as though into thin air!

Master of the Serpent Women by Donald Dale
Each of the last four beauties who won the coveted title "Miss Universe" -- had vanished! And I, seeking to save my beautiful wife from a similar fate, unknowingly took her straight to the lair of a madman who had created his own seraglio to satisfy his twisted lust!

Valley of the Red Death
Had Chief Flying Hawk come back again, as he'd swore he would every generation, to avenge the demolition of his entire village? or was some more dastardly menace behind the bloody terror that gripped oak valley -- leaving both men and woman torn, bleeding, scalped!

Lust-Crammed Short Terror Tales

The Corpse In My Bed by Henry Treat Sperry
I found on my dumbwaiter not viands for supper with my fiancee -- but her severed blond head

Beware the Dead that Walk! by Robert C. Blackmon
Dr. Hugh Monson was a coroner with a postmortem to perform -- but the corpse preferred to switch roles!

Price: $34.95

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1938

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