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Attic > Replica: The Spider: October 1940: The Council of Evil

by Grant Stockbridge

Another great page for page pulp replica from Girasol Collectables. There was no defense against the invisible night-demons -- the newest menace hurled the at New York city by a relentless fifth column of crime!

The Spider Magazine, September, 1940

When Nita Van Sloan appeared ready to expose Richard Wentworth as a calculating cold-blooded murderer, Wentworth knew with stunning clarity that the Council of Evil -- a body formed by his worst past enemies -- possessed new, ghastly weapons with which to make the city a private field of slaughter!

All about him lurid light danced in waves of brilliance and shadow over the lobby of the apartment house into which he had charged his limousine in a desperate effort to escape. The fire-dance showed a white flood of faces. It glistened on terror-stretched eyes as people poured toward the wreck of the car, and over it, fighting their way from the apartment building toward the presumptive safety of the streets. But there was no sound at all. None that Wentworth could here.

He shook his head violently, called once more for Nita. Suddenly he could hear... and wished that he could not! The night was horrid with screams, agony and fear and desperation, in a blended cacophony out of hell.

Plus, "God Bless America" by Arthur Leo Zagat, an exciting Doc Turner tale.

Format: Pulp Replica
First Published: 1940

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