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Replica: The Spider: April 1941: Slaves of the Burning Blade

by Grant Stockbridge

Page for page replica of the April, 1941 issue of The Spider Magazine.

People thought that Sperryville's crime wave was caused by foreign sabotage. But Richard Wentworth recognized the trademark of... The Knife! How could even Wentworth bring to earth this monstrous criminal when Chief Stone had the Spider's fingerprints; when the Sons of Liberty were trailing Nita through the night – and the Spider himself lay wounded at the feet of a vengeance maddened cop!

Plus, a baffling “Doc Turner” Mystery: "The Doves of Death" by Arthur Leo Zagat. To old Doc Turner, the dove had always been the symbol of Peace. Yet one night he and young Jack Ransom – trapped at a killer's gunpoint – learned that pigeons can be made to carry murder!

Price: $34.95

Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1941

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