Replica: Terror Tales July - August 1938

by Terror Tales

Another page for page replica featuring the July-August 1938 issue of the Weird Menace classic Terror Tales.

Long, Baffling Mystery-Terror Novel:

"Hell's Station Master" by Arthur Leo Zagat
Though the eerie, penetrating whistle of the Doom-train shrilled grisly death for those who dwelt on the Manitou Ridge, there was only one course for Lorry Borland. He had seen the hill maids surrender to the mad monstrosity who reigned – and he knew his lovely wife was next!

Four Gripping Novelettes of Weird Menace

"Murder is My Mistress" by Henry Treat Sperry
Is our happiness a fleeting thing? Must I forsake my adorable Kay and give my soul back to that evilly beautiful siren whose caress destroys men's minds and stains men's hands with the blood of those they love? God give me strength!

"She-Devil of the Sea" by Russell Gray
Those who die with treasure in the ocean deptsh guard well their gold. I learned that when I left my comrade in the sea, torn by the talons of a restless corpse – all because my lips were kissed by a woman dead for eighty years!

"Cathedral of Horror" by Arthur J. Burks
A nameless creature from the womb of night gave Peter Locke lovely Janet Garth... only to snatch her back, and nail her luscious body to a grisly crucifix – while death sat grinning on her cross of pain!

"Death is a Woman" by Wayne Rogers
Tortured beyond endurance and helpless to interfere, Neil watched the Priestess of Passion slowly peel the tender skin from the body of his beloved Peggy. There, with those other life-like dead, she would remain forever – in the Devil's own Museum!

Spine Tingling Short Terror Tales:

"The Devil Comes at Night" by Larry Moore
Night after night that ghastly dripping head came to Audrey Deane. Until at last, driven beyond the bounds of despair and terror – she let it claim her for its own!

"Pendulum of Pain" by Ray Cummings
Old Marlotte's diabolical device ticked like a metronome of madness as its cruel gigantic blade swung ever nearer to my fear-chilled, naked body...

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1938

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