Replica: Terror Tales September - October 1938

by Terror Tales

Another page for page replica featuring the September-October 1938 issue of the Weird Menace classic Terror Tales.

Two Thrill-Packed Feature Length Novels:

"Girls for the Spider Men by Arthur Leo Zagat
All Night long, men patrolled the streets of the little town while the women trembled behind locked doors -- yet still the horror went on, ceaselessly, eternally. Girl after girl vanished as though to the pits of hell, leaving no trace but a few threads of a ghastly, clinging substance -- like the web of a monster spider!

"Corpses Ride the Waves by Ray Cummings
She stood on the shore, her glorious pink and white body trembling with a strange, unnatural eagerness, and then, like a sleep walker, she went slowly into the sea - into the fearful embrace of the slimy, green monster who rose from the depths to meet her. We on the shore who watched shrank back in stark terror, for God alone knew who would be the next to go to those foul arms which had already claimed the most beautiful girls of our little resort village!

Two Novelettes of Eerie Mystery and Terror

"Madness for Two by Arthur J. Burks
Never was there a stranger and more terrible love than that of John Holden and Greta Tane; yet they lived in mortal fear of each other! For each was possessed of an evil curse -- a curse that bade them kill the ones they loved!

"The Thing That Darkness Spawned by Russell Gray
Once those gay men and girls entered the Devil's Horseshoe, there was no more gaiety-- and no returning! For they fell into the hands of a nameless monster, a being who had built a labyrinth of madness in the black caverns where only he could see!

A Short Story of Bizarre Doom:

"The Pain Club by Leon Byrne
If I had only known what horrors were in store for us, I would have killed Dolores, and myself too, before accepting the offer of the mysterious Valdimir Turoc. But how could I have guessed that we were destined to be the chief actors in an orgy of pain that hell itself could not surpass?

A New Pulse-Jolting True Feature:

"Disciples of Death" by John Kobler
The Sack-'Em-Up-Men. An extraordinary account of wholesale graverobbers and murderers...

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1938

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