Replica: Terror Tales Sept - Oct 1939

by Terror Tales

Another page for page replica featuring the Sep-Oct 1939 issue of the Weird Menace classic Terror Tales.

A Long Novel of Stark Terror:

"Sanya - The Blood Lady" by Francis James
Sanya Cortie was the most alluring, intoxicating woman ever born -- and the most evil! She imbued me with an insatiable appetite for the Forbidden Food, and made me starve for her defiling love in preference to the kisses of my virginal bride to be!

Four Novelettes of Blood Chilling Mstery

"Monster's Wedding Night" by Harrison Storm
Like all other girls, Julia Brehm hoped some day to marry the man of her dreams -- but her dream turned into a nightmare when she saw her prospective bride-groom; a slobbering, hulking mostrosity whose very touch meant agony and death!

"Lovely Maids of Murder" by Donald Graham
Anadale writhed in the grip of terror as the town's lovelist debutantes became blood thirsty killers, whirling in a mad spree of bestial revelry ... only to end their own pitiful lives in a grisly tide of suicide!

"The Hags From Hell" by Gabriel Wilson
I stood rooted in fear and rage as the decrepit old hag cursed the youth and beauty of my fiancee and two sisters. But even then I could not guess the incredible horror tthat was to descend on us from that bleak and ominous Home on the hill!

"Mates From the Bat Man" by Russell Gray
Like some weird creature from the beginning of the world, the Bat Man swept down from the black skies, night after night, to claim another victim from the block of ancient torments -- a victim whose blood and whose flesh might satisfy his insatiable lust!

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1939

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