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Attic > Replica: Operator 5: The Suicide Battalion July - Aug 1938

by Curtis Steele

From Canada, now prostrate under a tyrant rule, had come the threat that warned Operator 5. The three bandit nations of Europe were planning a monstrous, unprovoked invasion of this country -- and he must cross the sea with two hundred volunteer aides in a desperate undercover battle. One by one, the gallant members of that doomed company of patriots died, willing sacrifices on the altar of patriotism, buried in foreign fields. Finally, having matched the enemy's secret agents, man for man, Operator 5 alone was left to confront that mighty, mechanized army, already landed and ravaging freedom's sacred shores!

"When the Eagle Struck" -- Gripping Short Story Of Undercover Warfare by Leon Byrne
Against the sinister attack of the Asiatic sea serpent, only one man could strike a desperate blow for America’s defense — but he carried on that gallant fight even after death had claimed him!

Things That Made America Great -- One Life to Lose -- by Morton Taney
Into the very heart of the British army went young Nathan Hale on the mission despised even by his fellow American officers -- to make one last, grim play for General Washington, himself, and teach the world that America never could be conquered!

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1938

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