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Attic > Replica: Operator 5: The Day of the Damned Sept - Oct 1938

by Curtis Steele

In the hot hills of Old Mexico, Operator 5 launched his great counter-espionage campaign against a plotting Asiatic horde which threaten to loose the entire barbarous guerrilla Southwest upon America! It was an attack that also combined modern Japanese mechanized warfare and dread tropical disease.

As Operator 5 gathered his gallant border legions together to repel the most frightful invasion the world had ever seen, the very pages of history seemed turned back -- when America was forced to make its last bloody stand on the hallowed ground of the Alamo!

"Black Wings over America" -- Gripping Story of Undercover Warfare by Emile C. Tepperman
On a little island, Wolf Corvan, lone Yankee secret service agent, played his last trump card against a mighty invasion of America which came by air and sea -- and which not even the world’s most powerful guns could hope to halt!

Things That Made America Great -- Destiny Creek by Morton Taney
It took a Colonial sentry, with an ear for music, to figure out that the tune pulsating eerily through the night -- was the bagpipes of a Scottish regiment piping America's funeral march!

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Format: Pulp Replica
128 Pages
First Published: 1938

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