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Operator 5: July 1934: The Melting Death

by Curtis Steele

A New Page for Page Pulp Replica from Girasol Collectables

Operator 5 Magazine, July, 1934

Re-awakening the spirit of patriotism in the United States, Special Intelligence Agent, Jimmy Christopher and his young companion, Tim Donovan, demonstrate unparalleled pride in their mission. As America's strongest defenses--battleships, transportation systems, steelworks--are reduced to dust by a mysterious deadly corrosive, only Operator 5 can put an end to this brutal devastation, and prevent its potential for worldwide destruction! Facing a baffling and dangerous test, he must solve the riddle of this Dust of Doom.

Curtis Steele offers up another riveting, thrilling and blood-tingling exploit. Operator 5, is a cunning, clever and likable chap. Even in the face of imminent disaster, there is a spirit of camaraderie, family and support. With his father, the ex-Operator Q-6; and Timmy Donovan, the young lad who had saved Jimmy's life years ago, Operator 5 has a loyal team behind him. Intriguing evidence lies around every turn, but it will take a journey all the way to the House of Representatives before this melting mystery is solved.

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Format: Pulp Replica
70 Pages
First Published: 1934

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