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Attic > Spicy 3-Pack

by Hugh B. Cave

Song of the Lash
The whole village was up in arms. A young girl whipped to death! Some blamed the Night Riders, but Joe Bates had a different idea....

Originally published in the December, 1938 issue of Spicy Mystery Stories

On Ice
To the local farmers the dead man may have been their Jim Holburn. I got one look at him and knew the case was much bigger than they thought. But what about Honeyboy's wife--or was she really his wife?

Originally published in the April, 1941 issue of Spicy Detective Stories

Zannini's Puppets
"They are fools--fools!" swore Zannini. For he had given them proof of his powers and they called him a common trickster. Very well! If they wanted convincing, dangerous, proof, they should have it! He enlisted the aid of a girl ...

Originally published in the August, 1938 issue of Spicy Mystery Stories

Price: $4.50

Format: Electronic PDF File
33 Pages

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