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Attic > Weird Menace 3-Pack

by Hugh B. Cave

Daughters of Dark Desire
"I cannot help myself, Laura," muttered Peter Langdon brokenly, even as his hands were curving about the throat of the girl he loved with all his heart. For even the accursed spell that was upon the young people in that doomed town held no such terrors for them as did the displeasure of the stone-faced horror that was their master.

Originally published in the December, 1935 issue of Dime Mystery

Enslaved to Satan
Paul Norton thought himself a man of God. But a black-robed fiend came up from nowhere to tell him he had sold his soul to Satan, and blood-red letters flamed before his eyes to vouch the truth of his iniquity. Yet not till Satan's handmaidens had dragged him down to the foul depths of their pain-filled horror chamber did he believe that his eyes and ears had spoken truth . . .

Originally published in the February, 1935 issue of Terror Tales

The Twisted Men
The Virus of Idiocy was in that Vile Potion Clutched in a Dead Man's Hand

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