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Murder Off Broadway

by Henry Klinger

Very good condition copy of the 1962 First Printing of the Permabook Edition paperback.

There is a smaller world that is the stage, and a larger stage that is the world--

Lieutenant Shomri Shomar, that most debonair Israeli sleuth, sat expectantly in the darkened theater. He had come to see a rehearsal, but what was unfolding on the stage was a dress rehearsal for MURDER!

The Victim -- the playwright who had yet to produce the third act for his controversial drama...

The Suspects -- actors, actresses, the director, any one of the show's three angels...

The Murder Weapon -- that most ancient and traditional of poisons, hemlock, introduced into the victim's favorite tipple, a small carton of milk...

The Solution -- one that was even harder to arrive at the Shomri's dazzling deductions in Wanton for Murder, for it led him from New York to Texas and back to Connecticut before he realized that the only way to catch the murderd was to complete the third act himself!

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Format: Used Paperback
178 Pages
First Published: 1962

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