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At the Mountains of Madness

by H.P. Lovecraft

The barren, windswept interior of the Antartic Plateau was lifeless, or so the expedition from Miskatonic University thought... until they found the strange fossils of unheard-of creatures... and the carved stones of tens of millions of years old... and finally, the mind-blasting terror of the City of the Old Ones...

Report on the Miskatonic Expedition

...The things once rearing and dwelling in this frightful masonry in the age of dinosaurs were not indeed dinosaurs, but far worse. Mere dinosaurs were new and almost brainless objects--but the builders of the city were wise and old, and had left certain traces in rocks even then laid down well nigh a thousand million years--rocks laid down before the true life of earth had advanced beyond plastic groups of cells--rocks laid down before the true life of earth had existed at all. They were the markers and enslavers of that life, and above all doubt the originals of the fiendish elder myths which things like the Pnakotic Manuscripts and the Necronomicon affrightedly hint about about...

PLUS: The Shunned House

A strange and sinister old house... scene of unexplained deaths over generations... a dank cellar with noxious growths and weird apparitions--and two men come to investigate and solve the mystery.

Complete Table of Contents

At The Mountains of Madness
The Shunned House
The Dreams in the Witch-House
The Statement of Randolph Carter

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Format: Paperback
184 Pages
First Published: 1931

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