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Attic > The Shadow Man

by Hugh B. Cave

A hunger-sickened flophouse bum, without even a memory of better days.... He couldn't be expected to balk at a little well-paid deception... but how about Murder?

In The Shadow Man, Bill Smith is a down and out bum suffering from amnesia and headaches who does not remember how he ended up on skid row. While seeking refuge in a Mission, he meets a stranger who is willing to offer him a job and a chance.

All Bill Smith needs to do is secretly photograph a couple meeting in Vermont. When the woman turns up dead before Bill can accomplish his task, he is sent instead down to Florida to impersonate a man named Carey Locke.

What started out as a simple job to make a few bucks for food quickly turns into a situation with international consequences during World War II.

Originally published in the June, 1941
issue of Detective Fiction Weekly Magazine

Price: $4.00

Format: Electronic PDF File
73 Pages
First Published: 1941

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