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Attic > Nights in the Mountains of Haiti

by Hugh B. Cave

"Re-enter the dark and dangerous world of Haiti were Werewolves haunt a mountain town with primal fear.

"It is cursed."

We gazed at her in silence.

"With a loup-garou," she continued, speaking now in a whisper of fear. "Bois Sombre is cursed with a loup-garou, yes! For months we have been hearing wolf sounds at night-howlings that wake us from sleep and fill us with terror. And babies keep disappearing!"

I was an old hand in Haiti by this time, having spent the best part of four years exploring that mysterious Caribbean country. Tales of the loup-garou--the werewolf--were fairly common, I knew. But accounts of vanishing infants were not.

"How many babies have disappeared?" I asked.

She counted on her fingers, whispering the names of the victims as she did so.

"Five?" I said, my own voice reduced to a whisper by shock.

Originally published in 1995 for Werewolves.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
10 Pages
First Published: 1995

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