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Attic > The Kutting Edge

by Hugh B. Cave

Mr. Cave has been writing for over seven decades. He is most well known for his weird menace stories of the 1930's and his horror paperback fiction of the 1970's and 1980's. He continues to create new stories for his faithful following to enjoy.

This story, written in 1993, is a tale of a writer with a very powerful imagination. So powerful, that it can no longer be restrained to the imaginary world.

Here is an excerpt from The Kutting Edge.

When the house stopped shaking and he got his wind back, he struggled to his knees and looked around. The bedroom was full of floating dust. His eyes felt it. So did his lungs. But as the dust settled, he saw that a lamp had toppled from the chest of drawers and become a heap of colored glass on the carpet, two of the four pictures on the walls had fallen, and in the corner by the door a section of the wooden floor had lifted.

Right out of his latest novel, The Slime Dweller. It had happened again.

Limping a little because he had bruised his left foot in falling from the bed, he struggled over to examine the damaged floor. What would the nightmare cost him this time? How much longer could he go on paying for them? This year alone--and it was only August--he had shelled out more than four thousand dollars--four thousand, for Christ's sake! just because his stupid mind would not go to sleep when the rest of him did.

Down on one knee, he peered into the opening. The house, like many others on the island, was built of wood and had a crawl-space under its floors. Far back in the crawl-space, something moved. Something with two glowing green eyes.

Jesus! No!

He leaped to his feet and ran, snatching his pants off a chair by the door as he fled from the bedroom. Out of the house by the front door, which he left open behind him, he tore across the yard, past the barn, to the edge of the cliff. There, for two reasons, he stopped.

First, he was out of breath. Second, if he went any farther he would plummet off a hundred-foot-cliff into the cold waters of Puget Sound.

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7 Pages
First Published: 1993

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