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Attic > Silver Canyon

by Louis L'Amour

Only moments after arriving, Matt Brennan was warned to leave Hattan's Point. But Matt wasn't going anywhere. Not until he found out why everyone wanted him out of the way. And not until he got to know Moira Maclaren. Moira was the daughter of one of the most powerful men in Hattan's Point. And she didn't believe Matt when he said he'd come to stay -- and survive.

Especially when Matt decided to take on both sides in the fierce conflict over a key piece of land, as well as her brutal boyfriend, a cold-blooded killer, a crazy gunfighter, and someone out to frame him for murder. Matt was determined to prove her wrong. To do so, he'd have to solve a mystery that was at the real center of the violence in Hattan's Point -- a secret that could make a man rich... or dead. Probably dead.

Format: Paperback
167 Pages
First Published: 1956

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