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Attic > Lone Ranger: Masked Rider (10 CDs)

by The Lone Ranger

10 Hours on 10 Audio CDS.

The Lone Ranger thrilled generations of radio listeners with tales of Old West drama for all ages -- and those tales are just as lively today! This heroic masked figure, dedicated to the cause of justice, is no roaring vigilante -- he is rigorously honest, morally strict, and uncompromising in his respect for the law.

You'll find yourself on the trail to excitement as legendary announcer Fred Foy combines barely-controlled enthusiasm with razor-sharp diction. He's inviting you to join Brace Beemer as the Masked Man and John Todd as Tonto for ten full hours of bullets, bank robbers, and brotherhood from 1954 -- including several rare episodes!

Includes a program guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod!

Episodes Include: The Bank Robbery 01-25-54; The Black Patch 01-27-54; The Treacherous Escort 01-29-54; Man Alive 02-01-54; Adventure at Rockpoint 02-03-54; A Twist of Fate 02-05-54; The Telltale Bullet 02-08-54; The Man on Top 02-10-54; The Mysterious Cotton Pickers 02-12-54; The Fiery Barricade 02-15-54; A Lesson for Congress 02-17-54; The Road to Nogales 02-19-54; Hide Hunters 02-22-54; Valley of Creeping Death 02-24-54; Johnny Becket's Courage 02-26-54; Mystery Woman 03-01- 54; The Governor's Son 03-03-54; Strange Letter 03-05-54; Fortune in a Hat 03-08- 54; The Enfield Rifles 03-10-54

Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1954

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