Lot #73: Counterforce

by Dan Streib

Three like new paperbacks from the early 1980s featuring Counter Force.


It's Counter Force against an army of assassins with global havoc on their minds! The premier of Red China has a rendezvous with death when he visits the United STates -- as exper assassins train their sights on him during San Francisco's big CHinatown parade! Only one team can thwart the plot and keep the lid on international relations. COUNTER FORCE The covert kill squad the whole world fears.


War rages between French and English speaking terrorists -- a war tearing Canada apart at the bloody seams. And the worst violence is only a hint of the havoc that can come from the menacing presence behind both deadly factions.


The U.S.A.'s newest superweapon, the Trident X nuclear sub, has been hijacked by a crew of madmen. Their demands: $1 million per man -- and the life of Steve Crown, bold leader of Counter Fource. Otherwise, they'll nuke the planet!

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