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Silvertip's Strike

by Max Brand

Very good condition copy of the 1948 first printed of the Pocket Books edition. Appears to have never been read.


Silver shot at the glint of face he saw behind the little red tongue of fire. He almost felt the impact of his bullet tearing through flesh and bone.

A voice moaned.

That was Wycombe. There was no vocal strength to the sound; he simply breathed it out. Bloody bubbles broke on his lips. He twisted suddenly, fell and lay still.

Silvertip had been forced to shoot in self defense when Steve Wycombe pulled a gun on him. Wycombe had asked for trouble and had met its companion -- death! With malicious intent, his will provided that his ranch be divided between Silvertip and two greedy men. Here was the beginning of adventure for Silvertip -- trouble that pitted him against two of the toughest hombres he had ever met.

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Format: Used Paperback
182 Pages
First Published: 1948

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