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The Shadowy Third

by Marco Page

Good condition copy of the first printing 1949 Pocket Edition paperback

"Somebody put a knife in Igor Krassin."

Dave Calder turned to the medical examiner, "What kind of knife was it, Doc?"

"A thin blade. At least six inches long. Razor sharp. Slit his clothes like a scalpel."

Dave Calder had been hired to solve the disappearance of a heavily insured violin. Then the owner of the missing violin was murdered, and the list of suspects read like a telephone directory. There was Stanley Prince, a petty thief who had vanished... Paula Drake, a spurned love... her husband Arthur, holder of Krassin's life insurance policy... and Simon Lear, the only one who didn't have a motive.

The trick was to nail the right one. It took more than a game of teeny-meeny-miney- mo to finger the killer!

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Format: Used Paperback
214 Pages
First Published: 1949

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