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Attic > The Amulet of Atlantis

by Mike Olafson

The Amulet of Atlantis is a fast-moving tale in which rogue adventurers, secret societies, and mystical warriors all clash while pursuing an ancient artifact in the wilds of 1938 Africa.

Africa, 1938: A plane transporting top-secret weapons technology is lost over the jungles of the Belgian Congo. More importantly, it is also secretly transporting a mysterious amulet that holds the key to finding the fabled city of Atlantis.

If it can be uncovered, Atlantis holds a mysterious secret which can help destroy an ancient, evil and mystical sect—the Black Light Order—an organization so powerful that the Nazi party itself is merely a pawn in its grand scheme of world domination. Maverick airfreight pilot Colt Hawthorne and his team of adventurers embark upon a quest to find the downed plane and soon face the Black Light Order and its mystic band of assassins. During his quest, Colt also encounters deadly spies, underworld agents of the black market, sexy femme fatales, savage jungle cults, a secret archaeological organization, and an old nemesis from Colt’s fighter pilot days in World War I.

Espionage, intrigue, and adventure overflow in this first installment of The Atlantis Legacy—an exciting new trilogy in the tradition of vintage adventure from a bygone era.

Format: Paperback
254 Pages
First Published: 2005

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