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Attic > The Invisible Empire

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, May, 1934

Jimmy Christopher, along with his father, ex-Operator Q-6 and his faithful sidekick, Timmy Donovan, must seek and destroy an invisible air-borne fortress aiming to destroy the United States, and bring the entire country into the control of the Yellow Empire.

The Atlantis has not touched ground since it took to the skies over a month earlier. Sailing high amidst the earth's stratosphere, it has ripped planes from the sky, and sent poisoned gases to the ground, wiping out American citizens below. Can Operator 5 save the President's son from a chilling demise? Will he find this frozen fortress and end the havoc it seeks to spread?

In Curtis Steele's second Operator 5 adventure, all of America is hoping that one man can save the nation from the ravaging hordes of destruction.

An excerpt...

It was a thick oily mass, spreading rapidly through the air, reaching out trickling arms like a liquid; and from these arms cloudy mist melted down. The sign atop the Barnum Hotel became obscured. The sun was dimmed. A pungency sharpened the air in the streets as it began to take on a saffron tint.

The traffic officer at the busiest intersection of the city was the first to fall. He was raising his whistle to his lips and taking a deep breath when death struck him down. He sprawled on the car-tracks while screams sounded around him- screams he did not hear. For the faintest wisp of the yellowish gas-cloud had entered his lungs and destroyed him instantly.

Suddenly havoc swept the sidewalks. Like ten-pins struck by a gigantic, invisible ball, people collapsed on the sidewalks. Men and women toppled against plate-glass windows; cars clashed bumpers in the streets as the dead hands of the drivers fell from the wheels. A street-car ground to a stop as its conductor spilled away from his switchbox. Along Main Street and its branches Death stalked, invisibly, swinging his ruthless, sharp-bladed scythe.

Screams shrilled again. The atmosphere was thickening with the sweet pungency of the yellow fumes. Desperately and unreasoningly scores of people tried to escape it as those around them toppled. They pressed into doors and slammed them shut. And overhead again, two more dull explosions sounded, and thicker clouds of yellow sprang into the air.

The saffron arms reached into the open windows high in the office buildings. Stenographers dropped limp across their typewriters. Executives toppled out of their chairs. Others, terrorized, rushed to slam the windows shut, and sank from the sills, instantly killed.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
70 Pages
First Published: 1934

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