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Attic > Operator 5: The Yellow Scourge

by Curtis Steele

Operator 5 Magazine, June, 1934

In a naval escapade spanning coastal California to the Panama Canal, Operator 5 tackles a most cunning adversary--Chief secret agent of the Yellow Empire, Kara Vizna, the most dangerous, and most beautiful, secret agent alive.

The Asian Pacific Empire has demanded the surrender of the U.S. Pacific Fleets. Strike first and declare war afterward is their devilish strategy--counterfeiting American vessels to make it seem that the U.S. has instigated the attacks. Only Jimmy Christopher, known in the Intelligence department as Operator 5, has the wherewithal to defeat this devious reign of terror.

An excerpt....

Jimmy Christopher smiled slowly. "An excellent disguise; I compliment you. You might have slipped past me, except for one thing--one thing that tells me you're not a man at all. And since you're not a man, you're Kara Vizna."

The dark eyes, no longer lusterless, flashed. "I do not understand," the brown lips mumbled again.

"You are wearing, you see," Jimmy Christopher pointed out, "a double-breasted top-coat. It is buttoned from right to left. Women button their coats in that direction, Kara Vizna, but not men. A slight mistake--but it gave you away."

Now the dark eyes glittered malevolently. The little passenger straightened; and when the lips moved again there was no accent in the spoken words. "That is very clever of you--Operator 5."

Carl Elliot blurted: "Good Lord! It is she!"

Jimmy Christopher smiled. "I've heard that you are very beautiful," he said. "I'm glad that you've disguised it so completely, for then the job might be harder than it is. I don't like to think of what will happen to you, Kara Vizna, if war is declared between your country and mine."

"Very clever of you, Operator 5," the woman's throaty voice came again, "but not quite clever enough." One small, brown hand flashed upward from the pocket of the top-coat. Jimmy Christopher moved quickly to grasp it; but his move was not swift enough. From Kara Vizna's brown fingers a small, glistening sphere flew. It crashed against the wall and splattered liquid that instantly changed into a heavy white gas.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
68 Pages
First Published: 1934

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