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Quiller's Run

by Adam Hall

Very good condition paperback copy.

"A model of breathless entertainment." -- The New Yorker

QUILLER -- The Bureau's top intelligence agent. Quick, deadly, he moves into the world's hot spots at a moment's notice. His mission: get in, get the job done and -- if he can -- get out alive.


Thailand -- Angry, edgy, Quiller has quit the Bureau and embarked on a freelance mission more dangerous than any in his extraordinary career. Unarmed, alone in a powder keg of smuggled drugs and guns, he stalks Mariko Shoda, a delicate Cambodian beauty with the power to create unparalleled chaos between the superpowers.

But Mariko is a woman protected day and night by the deadly sisterhood of the Ninja... a temptress with the face of an angel whose embrace is lethal... a seductress who becomes the object of Quiller's obsession. And in their ultimate confrontation, only one of them can emerge alive.

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Format: Used Paperback
385 Pages
First Published: 1988

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