Quiller Bamboo

by Adam Hall

Like new, never been read, copy of the Avon Books paperback edition.

Quiller in the Dragon's Lair. An outspoken refugee from the massacre at Tiananmen Square is hiding somewhere in the outback regions of China. The West wants him to spearhead the reborn democracy movement. The Chinese government wants him dead. And Quiller must breach the Bamboo Curtain in order to lead the rebel to safety -- dodging bullets from the dark alleys of Hong Kong to the ruined monasteries of Tibet. A successful completion of his assignment could sound the death knell for the Communist regime in Beijing. But first Quiller must survive the leathal treacheries of dangerous political splinter groups, the Chinese secret police... and the hunted dissident himself.

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Format: Paperback
320 Pages
First Published: 1991

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