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Audio Book: The Spider: Corpse Cargo

by Grant Stockbridge

Will Murray's Pulp Classics #17 -- Unabridged Audiobook on 5 Hours on Audio CDs.

She called herself Captain Kidd. As a buccaneer, she put the bloody rogues of the Spanish Main to shame Merchant ships did not interest her. She and her Pirates went after passenger trains and skyscrapers with a devilish new weapon called the Green Fire.

When a looted train filled with electrified corpses crashes into Grand Central STation, Richard Wentworth again dons the dark garments of The Spider -- Master of Men! His mission: to track down this distaff demon and bring an end to her vicious reign of citizen slaughter.

But-- is this the one time that The Spider faces a foe more fearsome than he? Can even one man -- no matter how superhuman -- defeat a force of nature in female form? The Spider versus Captain Kidd. One will live. And one must die...

Adapted from the July 1934 issue of The Spider magazine. This audiobook is enhanced with sound effects and full music score.

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Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1934

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