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by Robert A. Heinlein

This paperback is a collection of short stories, starting with his pulp stories in Astounding Sciece Fiction and Unknown. Twenty-seven great short stories, plus a note from the author between each short story, explaining the story and or circumstances behind it.

Organized in chornological order, these stories combined with the authors commentary, gives you a unique view into the career of an incredible story teller. This also reflects the evolution of the science fiction genre that he helped to bring to mainstream readers.

"If there is anything that can divert the land of my birth from its current stampede into the Stone Age, it is the widespread dissemination of the thoughts and perceptions that Robert Heinlein has been selling as entertainment since 1939." -- Spider Robinson

"A fascinating look at the mind of the most influential sf writer of all time. Recommended." -- Locus

"Would you consider buying a book just because I asked you to? It's called EXPANDED UNIVERSE." -- Algis Budrys

Expanded Universe includes:

Forward by Robert Heinlein
Successful Operation
Blowups Happen
Solution Unsatisfactory
The Last Days of the United States
How to be a Survivor
Pie From The Sky
They Do It With Mirrors
Free Men
No Bands Playing, No Flags Flying
A Bathroom of Her Own
On The Slopes of Vesuvius
Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon
Pandora's Box
Where To?
Cliff and Calores
Ray Guns and Rocket Ships
The Third Millennium Opens
Who Are The Heirs of Patrick Henry
"Pravda" Means "Truth"
Inside Intourist
The Pragamtics of Patriotism
Paul Dirac, Antimatter, and You
Larger than Life
The Happy Days Ahead

Format: Paperback
582 Pages

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